What we do

Building a digital foundation for the energy industry.

The Neoflow Platform

A secure energy traceability platform that tracks product lifecycle events, proving proof of origin, composition & environmental impact while digitizing relevant value chain data.

Extending the Platform

Digital Border Clearence

Neoflow has been working with U.S. Customs and Industry since 2019 to modernize border clearence of oil and natural gas, enabling:
Elimination of unnecessary tarifs
Minimizing compliance risk
Improved efficiencies

Extending the Platform

Environmental Passport

Process Optimization

Digital Twin

Commodity Differentiation

Certificate of Origin

Relevant information in the value chain of a commodity, such as bills of lading, delivery tickets, certificates of origin, among others, are digitized to streamline data exchange and automate regulatory and import reporting processes.

The use of blockchain, VC, and DID standards allows various value chain stakeholders (Producers, Transporters, Refineries, Regulators and Service Providers) to safely and securely exchange data in a standardized manner. The end result is a digital representation of the commodity, it's attributes and lifecycle history that is built together and verified by multiple applicable stakeholders.

Energy trading

Energy trading

Digital Border Clearance

A standardized product lifecycle, updated in real-time establishes a trusted digital history of ownership, origin and details of events.

Energy Trading

an operational tool that allows Oil & Gas schedulers to increase their decision-making speed and accuracy by utilizing algorithmic-based calculations to optimize the movement of Oil & Gas. It provides a live view of the commercial operational portfolio for management and executives.​

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting processes are automated, by providing a common and standard framework for data exchange. Regulatory compliance is automated.

Environmental Passport

Neoflow's underlying blockchain technology brings transparency and reduction in friction to value chain transactions, enabling fully automated settlement and audit of commercial transactions.

Trusted Data for Energy