Meet The Neoflow Team

August 12, 2022

From Top Left: Patrick Mandic, Kesem Frank, Jim Oosterbaan, Chris Wallace, Yevgen Malyshev — From Bottom Left: Elysia Groberman, Twila Riffel, Raad Al-Husban


Who is the team?

Neoflow is built by a passionate team of digital innovators, entrepreneurs, and energy industry experts. We share a common passion for transformation in the Energy industry along with a belief that the Neoflow platform will create massive transformation opportunities across the entire Energy value chain.

Jim Oosterbaan, Chief Executive Officer

Jim Oosterbaan is a key figure in the energy industry, with a career spanning over four decades, and his most recent leadership role serving as President and CEO of the Natural Gas Exchange (NGX). As a strategic advisor to Mavennet, Jim Oosterbaan will be leading the development and launch of Neoflow, aiming to digitalize the traceability of oil, gas and renewable energy.

Patrick Mandic, Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Mandic has a proven track record of creating value through digital transformation. Patrick led multiple successful blockchain initiatives, from blockchain networks to fintech companies. Prior to Mavennet, he led the Canadian IoT practice at Deloitte, worked in R&D in the telecommunications sector and in digital infrastructure deployments for French Defense contractor Thales.

Chris Wallace, Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Wallace is an Oil & Gas professional with over 17 years of experience in the energy industry. The majority of his career was spent in Commercial trading at Phillips 66 as a Crude Oil Trader, as well as work in logistics, pipeline management & analytics. He has developed an extensive network of various Oil & Gas stakeholders such as producers, refineries, pipelines & terminals.

Yevgen Malyshev, Chief Product Officer

Yevgen Malyshev is a technology leader experienced in defining and executing complex enterprise technology transformation programs. Previously, Yevgen spent over 15 years in various roles at Accenture and Avanade (joint venture of Accenture and Microsoft) delivering multi-million enterprise IT transformation programs and building class-leading technology teams.

Twila Riffel, Director of Industry Engagement

Twila Riffel is a seasoned professional in the field of Customs and Tax. With a career spanning over 25 years, Twila held prominent roles at Enbridge, PWC and EY. Twila is passionate about innovation.

Kesem Frank, Director

Kesem Frank, founder and president of Mavennet, a leader in the blockchain space, aiming to make distributed ledger a mainstream technology by driving its adoption by major enterprises. Kesem has extensive experience delivering blockchain at scale, working with both Canadian and US governments, the TMX and some of the largest global financial institutions. Following his role as a leader of Deloitte’s Blockchain practice, Kesem co-founded Nuco, one of the earliest enterprise blockchain platforms and a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Raad Al-Husban, Data Engineer

Raad Al-Husban is a Data Scientist with a wealth of experience in data mining, machine learning, wrangling, and visualization. He enjoys overcoming data-related challenges and making insights of complex data using cutting-edge technology. Raad spent more than 15 years working in fintech, academia, and not for profit sectors where he was able to revolutionize the use of data and reporting.

Elysia Groberman, Executive Assistant

Elysia Groberman is an operations and marketing professional with over a decade of experience in scaling high growth businesses. Prior to Neoflow she helped incubate and launch a direct-to-consumer tea brand, Parallel Tea. Elysia is passionate about the blockchain space having spent 2018 & 2019 in key operational roles at Paycase Financial & Shyft Network.

About Neoflow

Neoflow Inc. is a Calgary based company, a team of digital innovators, entrepreneurs and energy industry experts. We have a common passion for transformation in the energy industry along with a common belief that the Neoflow platform will create opportunities to transform the energy value chain. To learn more about Neoflow visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.